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What to do (and not do) after concussion or brain injury

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Lessons learned, mostly by doing it wrong ... for several years

Tip #1 - Brain rest

Give your brain time to recover whether it's a few minutes or a few months. Yes, brains can heal but not instantly

DON'T: insist on getting back into the game or going back to work too soon

Tip #2 - Sleep

May be difficult, but rest and sleep are your new besties.

DO: learn and practice relaxation techniques; quiet dark rooms are brain-friendly.

Tip #3 - Take it seriously

Even a simple bump to the head can rattle your brain; you may not make the best decisions after a head injury.

Recent concussion or brain injury?
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Tip #4 - Hypersensitivity

Noise, bright lights, heat or cold, things may be irritating triggers to be avoided. Resist the urge to update your Facebook or Insta account; screen time can be bad.

Tip #5 - Frustration & Anger

Navigating the health care system will infuriate you. It doesn't work well, especially for brain injuries. Be your own advocate if it doesn't make your head explode. If you can't, get a partner, family member or friend to help.

"You look fine, it's all in your head." If the health care system doesn't understand, family, friends and co-workers probably won't either.

Hope & Help

Like it or not, brain injury changes you. It may take time to figure out how, what and why but you can rebuild a "new normal" and thrive. Accept help and learn from others. Peer support groups can be helpful.


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